Susan Z. Keller


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​B L O O D   B R O T H E R

​               A MEMOIR 

"I had it all—until the fatal lymphoma.

To maybe, just maybe survive, I had to find

a brother who’d vanished thirty years earlier."

A W A R D 
Blood Brother  has recently won a National Writer’s Advice Award 
for the best first 1,000 words of a memoir

BLOOD BROTHER is an unflinchingly raw and funny story about two-hundred days of grueling treatment

to eradicate a rare and frequently lethal lymphoma. This cancer flattens Susan Z. Keller, a successful, but anxiety-ridden woman, who frets about a puny retirement account, underarm wattle, and other issues of

even lesser concern. 

Chemo vaporizes every hair on Susan’s body. A drug-induced psychosis convulses her to her core.

An infection nearly kills her. She gets advice from a urine-drinking cancer patient and is treated

by a cadre of doctors—a few inept, others unwavering in their kindness and dedicated work for a cure.

Still, her survival depends upon finding a hermetic, meditating brother no one has seen in thirty years.