​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​B L O O D   B R O T H E R 

A   M E M O I R 

A W A R D 
Blood Brother won the 2017 national Writer Advice’s

Scintillating Starts Contest for best beginning of a memoir.

To maybe, just maybe, survive I had to find a brother who'd 

disappeared thirty years earlier.

S. Z.  K e l l e rAuthor

Cutting-edge Western medicine fuses with the ineffable in my candidly naked, award-winning memoir, Blood Brother.

Blood Brother tells how chemo vaporizes every hair on my body; a drug-induced psychosis convulses me to my core; an infection nearly kills me; and why I get advice from a urine-drinking cancer patient.

But after months of enduring the most toxic and powerful medicines in the modern arsenal, my survival still depends on receiving a bone marrow transplant from Johnny, my hermetic, meditating, tripped-out brother no one had seen or spoken to in thirty years. 

How Johnny comes back into my life is where the bizarre and inexplicable enter the story. Blood Brother also reflects on the meaning of those events against the bigger backdrop of fate versus an indifferent universe, the inexplicable, and, perhaps even, God.

Blood Brother asks the question: Do we really have control over what happens to us?

​Publishing date 2018.

My story. Your story. Our stories.

​​In memoir, fiction, and poetry.