Stories published under the pen name Zuzu Keller

My short story, Daisy Chain—an homage to Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants—is about a couple attempting to make a life-changing decision without talking about it. Daisy Chain was published in           The Reading Hour, September-October 2015, an international magazine publishing quality work in short fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews.

With Cheat Sheet and Calculated Cool, Nouvelle Novice Finds Foodie Identity

My first-person essay, Foodie was published in Ray’s Road Review: “Continuously updating and on the   web since 2002, Ray’s Road Review’s goal is simply to publish stellar works of art, regardless of medium.”

Foodie will give smart readers a laugh at food as edible art and about which even the most sophisticated might think, “But what is this I'm going to eat?”

Foodie will help readers climb out of their comfort zone, learn what ramps really are, and perhaps even  give fennel pollen a try.

S. Z.  K e l l e r,  Author